thanks so much for visiting my site. you can blame me for the design, or alternately, praise squarespace for it. here's a bit about me. 

i'm from easton, pennsylvania. just like crayola crayons and boxing legend larry holmes. 

i have two brothers and two sisters, one wife, one dog, and too many non-functioning bikes. 

my education occurred at penn state and, later, the creative circus in atlanta. 

since 2005, i've worked at bbh new york, then goodby, silverstein in san francisco, then bbh new york again, and then mother new york. since late 2014, i've been freelancing with a lot of fun people at a lot of fun agencies. 

the work you see here, the handful of awards some of it has won, and most other good things that i'm either proud of or get credit for in work and life are all results of working with great people, partners, and teams. 

thanks for taking the time. it's easy to reach me.